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After more than a decade of intensive feedback, playing practice, tinkering, and material research, we are proud to present our ultimate model: the One For All. This support is made for every application and promises unwavering reliability. With the additional freely movable suction cup that attaches to the guitar's side, the One For All adapts seamlessly to any guitar shape and any posture. The manual locking screw ensures that the suction cups prevent each other from moving. No matter how you play or store the guitar – the 'One For All' will remain on the instrument.



Ultimate Matte Black image
  • 6mm Perspex® tempered acrylic glass.
  • Highly durable.
  • No reflections, no fingerprints.
  • Perfect for stage and video recording.

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Professional Silent image

Get to know our new design specifically for Yamaha's "Silent Guitar"!

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"I love the Guitarlift for how stable it feels and how I can get the perfect playing position. Those are the two most important things for guitar supports and rests. For those two reasons I love the Guitarlift. It also doesn’t slip on my leg and might even keep the guitar vibrating longer and louder since the back wood of the guitar doesn’t rest on my chest.  I might also highly recommend it for kids due to how stable it is. It’s a super high quality product, made in Germany and very user friendly."

"This is Classical Guitar" review by Bradford Werner.

Steady. Reliable. Customizable.

Guitarlift® comes in many different shapes and sizes. You may choose between three different materials and two different thicknesses, as well as select the overall dimension of your individual model. To accommodate every body type, the leg cut can be widened. The top of your Guitarlift® can be cut away to provide more space for the player’s chest. These modifications are provided free of charge.
Professional Line 4mm 6mm Premium Line
Guitarlift® is assembled with the highest quality materials, laser cut by the same companies that work with the German automobile industry. This ensures the highest stability and durability of your guitar support. Choose between the standard 4mm Plexiglas® in our ProfessionalLine products and the extremely rigid 6mm HighEndSolutions models, which are especially suited for a more elevated playing position. No flex whatsoever to let you focus on your music!

"If anything, the GuitarLift deserves an 11/10, I’ll definitely be playing with it for years to come!" review by Rosie Bennet, June 2020