Which Guitarlift® should i get?

1) How tall am I? What playing angle do I need?

Tall players play best with a large Guitarlift®, for medium to smaller adults and teenagers, the medium-sized models are intended. Young children play on our children's models.

Those who prefer a very high playing posture need a larger model, even if the person themselves is not very tall.

2) When do I need a Wide Cut, when do I need a Cutaway?

Musicians with wider legs need a Wide Cut, a broad leg cut. Also, for guitarists who desire more immediate freedom of movement in the horizontal playing angle, this adjustment can be recommended.

The Cutaway, i.e., the removal of material at the top edge of the Guitarlift®, is mostly desired by female guitarists who want more space for their chest and bust.

All adjustments are made without additional costs and are selected before ordering in the shop under "Execution".

3) Which material is best for me?

Guitarlift® is available in two different materials. All variants have high durability, playing comfort, and torsion-resistant stability.

Our Professional Line and Young Students Line models are made from 4mm thick, transparent or black Plexiglas®.

The Premium Transparent model line is made from 6mm thick, transparent Perspex®, a modern and extremely durable tempered acrylic glass. This elaborately manufactured material is particularly suitable for very high playing positions.

The latest model series, Ultimate Matte Black, is also based on the 6mm thick Perspex®, but adds a reflection-free matte black coating, making it the absolutely worry-free all-around solution for stage musicians and all those who desire uncompromising quality.

All materials undergo permanent elaborate quality controls and are produced in cooperation with companies from the German automotive industry.

4) When do I need a special model and what kinds are there?

Guitarlift® offers a variety of special models for specific requirements.

For exceptionally tall players, there is the Super Big variant. No other guitar support can raise the seated playing position so high without losing stability!

The Silent-Guitar model has no drill holes, as this variant is attached with suction cups on both sides.

The Crossover model is optimal for the playing posture on the right leg, or for left-handers on the left leg.

The Half Plate model removes the upper half of the Big Plate to allow body contact with the instrument. For those guitarists who desire this and do not need an exceptionally high playing angle.

I still don't know which variant I need!

Browse the shop for pictures of all different models and material combinations. Ask our team via email or social media for suggestions for your individual situation. We will do our best to facilitate your decision!